Caring for your wetsuit

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Caring for your wetsuit

Care for your wetsuit, and it will take care of you in the water. For surfing in Morocco, a 3/2mm thickness wetsuit can keep you warm all year long in the cold Atlantic. In Europe, these are called summer wetsuits (lol). If you’ve never had to worry about a wetsuit before, this guide aims to be a quick start to good wetsuit care.


  • The biggest rule is….Don’t pee in your wetsuit. Rules were meant to be broken, of course. At least don’t pee in it at the end of your surf session, or it will smell really bad, really fast.
  • Be careful how you put your wetsuit on…if you’re constantly pulling hard in one place, the neoprene or rubber will break down fast in that spot.
  • Use a plastic bag to easily slip your wet wetsuit on over your hands and feet.
  • Don’t sit on rocks or anything rough, or you’ll wear out the derriere fast.


  • Rinse/soak with clean/fresh water after each use. The salt in your wetsuit can turn acidic, and may make for an itchy surf sesh your next time out.
  • Do not whack your wetsuit against the rocks or a wall to get the sand off…it won’t come off. Rinse off the sand in water.
  • No washing machine, not even the gentle cycle.
  • Only if necessary, use delicates detergent or special wetsuit detergent (maybe every 5 -10 wears, if at all).
  • In storing or drying your wetsuit, do not hang by the shoulders (stretching and weakening the neoprene there). Instead, hang on a hanger or line, folded at the waist.
  • Let your wetsuit dry fully before storage (bone dry!), and do not store in a plastic bag, or you will get mould.
  • Do not let it sit in the sun or it will dry to a crisp and kill the stretch in your neoprene.
  • Be careful where your velcro attaches to when you’re not wearing it/before you wash…so that suit doesn’t degrade in that place.


  • Repair the smallest hole before it gets bigger.
  • Use neoprene glue like Black Witch. It dries overnight, so no excuses!
  • Save the little square of neoprene that came with your wetsuit for repairs. Glue it to the back of any split seam or large hole so that it holds together better.


  • Don’t put it in the rubbish bin!
  • Bring it to Taghazout’s wetsuit repair guy on the main road just off the square. He’ll glue, reinforce, triple stitch it and bring it back to life.
  • Or bring it and donate it to a local (leave it with us and we’ll find someone who wants a free wetsuit, for sure).
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