Surf Morocco and experience an unforgettable surfing adventure in Morocco

  • Morocco's surfing mecca Morocco's surfing mecca
  • Great waves Great waves
  • Fresh fish Fresh fish
  • Barrels! Barrels!
  • Tropical paradise Tropical paradise
  • Scenic fisherman's villages Scenic fisherman's villages
  • Beautiful sunsets Beautiful sunsets
  • Camels! Camels!
  • Our Moroccan surf camp Our Moroccan surf camp

Surf Morocco for the surf of your life...

Morocco is a surfer’s dream...the coastline north of Agadir is chock full of great surf spots and is an ideal place for learners to advanced surfers, while experiencing Morocco's unique culture. With the amazing variety of breaks in such a small area, there's always a great wave to be found in this part of Morocco.


At Mint Surf we specialise in helping you get the most out of your surfing holiday in Morocco. Our surfing experience and expertise of Surf Morocco is invaluable at helping you plan your surf experience. If you’re already a surfer or want to learn to surf, Mint Surf is your place. Come and ride the best waves Morocco has to offer, and we can help you with your accommodation, car hire, surfboard hire and surfing equipment to really get the most out of your visit to Morocco.


We offer a range of accommodation, from the beauty and great value of our surf camp riad to a range of beach-side apartments facing such famous surf spots as Anchor Point, Panoramas Beach or the luxury apartments at Killer Point. And it’s all right in front of Morocco’s world class surf.


***Now offering YOGA***

Set yourself up for the day with a pre-surf morning session from 8 to 8:30 for just 50 dirhams (less than £4).

Surf Morocco and experience an adventure...

Our great value surf camp packages are geared towards giving you the best time surfing and providing you with a true taste of Moroccan culture. For more information, contact us now Surfing Morocco.


If you are new to surfing then check out our surf camp & lessons package. This really is a great value package to start surfing and includes the equipment and instruction to get you standing on your board. In fact, we guarantee you'll stand up, or you'll just pay for B&B.


If you already surf but have never been to Morocco, then choose our surf camp & guiding package. This way you can be sure you will hit the best surf spots in Morocco, no worries about driving, and you also get to enjoy a great lunch on the beach.

Surf Morocco at your own pace...

If you're an experienced surfer, our independent surfer package is for you. We'll give you an orientation of the area and a map, and you'll be free to explore the beautiful coastline. You can still chill out with us on the beach, and hang out at the riad at night.


Surfing Morocco is an amazing experience and we will make sure that you have the time of your life with us.

Surf Morocco and fly direct!

We are based just north of Agadir, Morocco and you can get to us with direct flights from London (EasyJet, BA, Thomson also flies from Manchester), Dublin (Aer Lingus), Brussels (RyanAir, JetAir), Paris (Jet4You, Transavia, EasyJet), many German cities (TUI, Condor, AirBerlin), Amsterdam (TUI, Transavia), etc...and Royal Air Maroc flies to/from many cities worldwide.


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